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NJ Solar Today is Southern New Jersey’s number one go-to spot for home and commercial solar panels. The representatives from NJ Solar are experts in the field and can answer any question you might have when you are deciding if solar energy is right for your home or business. Just because they are located in Somers Point, NJ doesn’t mean that is the only area they service. The team at NJ Solar Today will design Residential Solar Panels and commercial solar panels to fit your home or business and even provide ways to finance the entire operation with little or no money out of the customers’ pocket.

Besides the federal government tax credit that will greatly improve your financial situation when it comes to tax time, you will be greatly improving the environment with the installation of your Solar Panels . PV or photovoltaic, solar power systems minimize the amount of waste production. For example, the entire process of converting coal to electricity produces a lot of dust, discarded solid waste, spillages of toxins and harmful emissions, as well as wasting energy, heat, land and water. Everything dealing with the installation will be taken care of by your NJ Solar sales representative. You’ll get help with the financial applications as well all the instillation permits.

Once you have decided that Solar Energy is the right choice for you and your family or business it is simple as entering your contact information for one of the NJ Solar sales reps. They will contact you as soon as possible and help you get started with the decision process. Here is the process one can expect to go through when you are ready to get started with NJSolarToday.com

1. Contact NJ Solar or Call us at 609-839-9556 today and provide your yearly utility consumption
2. Partnering with NJ Solar, SunCap Financial can qualify you for a lease program with little or no money out of your pocket. *
3. Review the proposal sent to you by your sales representatives from NJ Solar.
4. Approve the proposal!
5. NJ Solar files all the necessary permits on your behalf
6. Installation begins once the permits are approved!

You will have input on the design process along with your representation from NJ Solar Today to make sure everything is in the right place and it is the most efficient possible solar system.

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